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Facebook Lead Ads
The Small Business Strategy For Generating Leads On Facebook
A Social Problem:
   50% Of Your Audience Doesn’t See Your Message
   Text & Image Ads Are Ignored
Your Competition Is Using Video Ads To  Steal Your Leads Right From Under Your Nose…
A Big Solution:
  FB Video Lead Advertisements;
  Videos That Compel A Lead Form Action
  •  Sign Up (capture email) to provide a free report, checklist, coupon or offer
  •  Places the consumer into your email newsletter for lead nurturing
Companies That Use Video Lead Ads See 30 to 60% More Engagement…
All About The Video
  Buyers Prefer Video Content Over All Other Ad Types
  Half Of Your Buyers Ignore Non-Video Content
  Video Content More Likely To Be Shared , Liked & Receive Comments
  60% Of People Who Watch Video Take Some After-Action
A Video Engages With The Prospect, Answers Questions, And Handles Objections…
A Little Bit About Who We Are
My name is Greg Cook and I am the founder of Foot Traffic Solutions for Local Businesses, a digital content marketing firm. 

Our passion is to help local business owners like you learn how to get more Foot Traffic walking through your doors using the power of Facebook and digital content.

Over the last decades, my team and I have made it our mission to become experts in helping brick and mortar businesses get the most from social media. 
Have Questions?  Call me direct at: 866-443-1629
Greg Cook
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